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This collection contains a number of documents that have been written to help users to prepare resources for upload to OSIER. Together, the documents cover usability and accessibility, licensing and IPR. The collection also contains template files than can be added to documents and other types of files to indicate clearly copyright and licence status, and separate templates for extended resource description and for submitting web link (URL) lists.

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Collection items

  • Template licence files for OSIER resources
    These files are designed to be added to resources submitted to OSIER so that copyright and CC licence are stated clearly. Files are supplied for word processor documents (.doc), presentations (.ppt) and spreadsheets (.xls). The project default CC licence of CC-BY-NC-SA is used in each file. Simply copy or insert the file into your resource document

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  • OSIER project - resource guidelines
    This resource contain documents that set out requirements and standards for resources submitted to the OSIER repository. They cover copyright, licensing and usability. The short checklist summarises the requirements as a series of questions, whilst the longer document includes more detail and a 'traffic light' classification. Both documents are available as word processor files (.doc) and PDF.

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  • OSIER project - accessibility and usability guidelines
    The resource contains a short accessibility and usability checklist, and a more detailed set of guidelines. Wherever possible, OSIER resources should conform to the criteria in the short checklist. Both documents are supplied as word processor files (.docx) and PDF

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  • OSIER project: web link listing template
    A template document for aggregating several web links (URLs) and contextual information MS Word .doc

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  • OSIER project: extended resource description template
    Template document for writing an extended description of a resources in OSIER, including these headings: 1. Introduction and background; 2. Context; 3. Evaluation and feedback; 4. Potential for re-use and re-purposing; 5. Inclusivity, usability and accessibility; 6. Other information. MS Word .doc

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