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Senior Lecturer
University of Strathclyde

Science Education, SDE, inquiry-based science teaching methods, Visible Thinking, Podcasting; Environmental Education, IDEAS Project

About Me:
Education & Qualifications include: Fellow of Society of Biology 2009 Chartered Science Teacher 2009 CBiol 1997 Dip Ed, (Glasgow) 1981 GIBiol, (Paisley College) 1975 TQ, (Jordanhill College) 1973 BSc, (Glasgow) 1972 Recent Course Development has involved co-ordination of the review and establishment of a harmonised PGDE by University of Strathclyde 2009-10; Internal Scrutiny PG Diploma in School Leadership and Management (SQH) Teaching is directed towards the pedagogy of biological sciences to PGDE biology and other courses including BEd Primary, PGDE Primary, and CPD events; Selection, recruitment and pastoral care of PGDE Biology; Placement tutor to ITE Biology students; Co-ordination of the PGDE General Science Programme; Co-ordination of BEd Elective and Optional Science Programmes; Co-ordination of Educational Studies option science in the primary school

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